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A Little Push - Mature - Charlie/Hermione

Title: A Little Push
Music: On Call – Kings of Leon
Relationship: Hermione/Charlie
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: Mature
Warning(s): Sexual Content
Summary: Hermione’s more than a little distracted by something that should be innocent.

  Made by: SwissMiss of The Dark Arts! 

A Little Push

Obviously, she’d been slipped some kind of potion. Otherwise, the sight before her wouldn’t be nearly as intense as it seemed to be. He hadn’t noticed her gaze, or if he had he wasn’t bringing attention to it. He sat in a lawn chair with his legs sprawled in front of him, dirty pants hung low on his hips and his shirt tossed elsewhere. The sun had left his bare chest red, a sheen of sweat beading along his abdomen. But that, as delicious as it was, was not the sight that had her watering at the mouth.

Instead, as ridiculous as it might sound, it was in fact the cherry red apple he held aloft. Sweet juice dribbled down his chin unnoticed. Head tipped back, eyes closed against the sun, he brought ripe fruit back to his mouth, teeth penetrating the skin and tearing white flesh with ease. The crunch made her shiver, the way his tongue swept along his lips made her bite down hard on her own. A droplet of his apple’s juice fell, landing on his chest and spreading outward. With a whimper that escaped the back of her throat, she was across the yard and licking it from him in a matter of seconds, eyes fluttering with mad delight.

He grinned, mischief playing over the plains of his handsome face. His freckles sat more present from the scorching sun, along with a flush that highlighted his neck and wide shoulders. Sweeping his free hand through his hair, he shook his head. “Lasted longer than I thought you would,” he offered, smirking.

Rolling her eyes, she sat up, straddling his waist. With a prim lift of her nose, she looked down at him swottily. “I protest on the grounds that I’m sure you slipped something into my tea this morning.” As if to end the discussion entirely, she crossed her arms over her chest.

With a rumbling laugh that sent heat to the center of her belly, he wrapped his arms around her tightly, dragging her against his long body. “Admit it, love… You want me.”

She pursed her lips, despite how easily her body acquiesced to the hard plains of his own.

Amused, he stroked his hands up and down her back, drawing her shirt from her shorts in the process. As rough fingers teased her spine, she arced in the air, her head falling back with a sigh of content.

Nipping her earlobe playfully, he said, “Admit it and I’ll quit teasing…”

She bit her lip, her hands falling to his shoulders, squeezing.

With a shake of his head, he bent forward and mouthed her breast through her shirt, his tongue dampening the fabric and arousing her nipple into reaction.

She squirmed against him, hips rocking forward for friction.

He leaned away, hands falling from her entirely until he was simply lazing there like before, arms locked behind his head while he stared up at her with a knowing grin.

She huffed, cheeks pink. “Fine! I want you! Are you happy now?”

Smirking, he reached for her once more. “Very much so.”

With a roll of her eyes, she wrapped her arms around his neck. “And where, dear husband, did you come up with this little ploy?”

He quirked a brow. “You think I haven’t seen you ogling me all morning? You just needed a little push, love.”

“Ogling?” Her mouth fell open. “Charles Weasley!”

Laughing, he kissed her, shutting her up entirely.

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