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Kismet - PG - Hermione/Remus - Part I

Title: Kismet
Song: I Got A Feeling - BEP
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Humor
Relationship: Remus/Hermione
Summary: It’s the beginning of a lifetime…

   Made byshalena of The Dark Arts

Part I

Vivid brown eyes watch him walk up the drive, hesitate at the door, nearly knock and then turn to leave. Such indecision in a man she’s only ever known as intelligent and brave. She’s not sure whether to frown or smile; he’s trying, at least. It’s more than she expected. She knows he’s listing in his head, possibly even under his breath, all the reasons why he shouldn’t and she wishes she could give him a list of why he should. But he has to do this himself; has to convince himself that what he’s doing is right, meant to be, destiny.

He lifts a hand, curls his fingers into a shaky fist and finally knocks. Once, twice… falters… and then a third booming bang. She hurries toward the door, pauses before it, doesn’t want him to know she’s been watching, waiting. Finally, she pulls the door open and smiles warmly at him.

“Remus,” she greets, pointedly not calling him Professor Lupin, as she’s certain that would be the final straw to keep him from going forward. She feels positively giddy, nearly standing on her tip toes as if to rush into his arms happily. He’d no doubt retreat then, she just knows it.

He nods, eyes falling, raising, uncertain whether to make contact or not.

“Was there something you need?” she asks, purposely inflecting with what she hopes is a desirable tone. She hasn’t had much practice with this but she knows what she wants and she’s never been one to give up or walk away, not when the outcome is so rewarding.

He wipes sweaty palms on his pants, swallows tightly and finally looks at her; amber eyes filled with confusion, hope, want and so many more unnamed feelings. “I… That is… Well, I just…”

She knows the last thing he needs is her pity or compassion, but she truly wants to reach out and pat his shoulder, tell him it’s all right, that she understands, and that she wants the same as him. But he has to do this himself, has to make this last step or he’ll forever wonder and doubt. Too many years he’s been ignoring himself; what he desires or deserves, all because he can’t see himself as the truly remarkable man she’s always known him to be.

She purses her lips to stop herself from reassuring him, instead waits with a hopeful skip in her heartbeat.

He takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, inhales and then… Lets it all out, relaxes, stares at her a long moment, amber eyes glinting now. “Dinner,” he finally says, a faint growl in his deep voice. “Tonight.”

Her expression softens, shoulders squaring with confident knowing. “I’d love to.”

His lips twitch with a smile as he leans forward, inhaling deeply along the curve of her face, nose buried against her thick hair. “Tricky little witch…” he murmurs, Mooney slipping forward to take control.

She grins. “I prefer patient.”

A scarred, full hand cups her cheek as he draws away, Remus staring at her with something entirely too intimate for words. “I want to ask you if you’re sure… but I have a feeling you’ve been certain for much longer than I should consider.” He strokes a long thumb down the slope of her nose, lets it linger on her plump lower lip and then stands back. “I’ll be here at seven,” he says, no sense of uncertainty left in him.

Licking her lips, she nods. “I’ll be waiting.”

His mouth turns up at the corners before he walks backwards a few steps, gaze lingering on her. Finally, he turns, apparates away and she watches, staring at where he once was with a stomach full of butterflies. She has a feeling that tonight is going to be a good, good night. With excitement singing in her chest, she turns inside her house to get ready for her date. It was the beginning of a lifetime, she knew; one where Remus Lupin and Hermione Granger were simply kismet.

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