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Surrender to Seduction - T - Bill/Hermione

Title: Surrender to Seduction
Relationship: Hermione/Bill
Genre: Romance
Rating: T
Warning(s): Sexually Suggestive
Word Count: 563
Summary: She’s helpless to it, really.

 Made by.brookabee of The Dark Arts 

Surrender to Seduction

The room is stifling, the heat overwhelming, and yet everyone else seems chilled by the air circulating in from the open windows. She can feel herself sweltering from the inside out. The heat roils in her stomach, fanning out along her waist, coiling down her thighs, tendrils of fire licking at her loins. She nearly whimpers aloud, lifting her thick, heavy hair up into her hands, wanting to cool herself, but it does nothing to help. Her eyes widen, glance around, certain that those around her can nearly hear her panting, can see that she’s moments away from gyrating. And then she feels it, his gaze hot on her skin. Her pulse rises, flutters, and she can’t help but look, find, catch.

He stares back at her, eyes thinned as though he was taking in every minute inch of her with an indecent desire to kiss and lick, nibble and taste all of her. A bead of sweat forms on his throat, where she swears she can see his pulse hammering away, and slides slowly down the column of his throat, teasing her.

She licks her lips, her breath stutters, and she’s helpless, really.

He walks forward, his body tensed and swaggering toward her with all the deftness of a feline on the prowl. His long arm reaches for her and for a moment she wants nothing more than for him to toss her over his shoulder and drag her away. Instead, his hand sweeps across her waist, leaving a trail of wanting heat across her already clenching and twisting stomach.

He disappears into the hallway, likely to hide away in one of the many rooms here in his childhood home and she doesn’t even bother checking to see if the others in the room have noticed them before she follows after him. Maybe later she’ll make an excuse; tell them she went to read somewhere quiet. They’ll just shake their heads at her; silly Hermione, ever the bookworm. And she’ll smile, nod, knowing they have no idea.

Her legs are unsteady, shaking as she climbs the stairs behind him. Her hands are damp with sweat as they glide along the banister. She feels parched, empty, as she stands in the darkened room across from him, watching his back flex beneath his shirt. He sheds it, drops it to the floor with finality and turns toward her, his red ponytail swinging behind him, fang earring glinting in the moonlight. His body is nothing less than stunning; firm abdomen just begging to be licked.

Her teeth plant themselves in her lip, trying to stop a whimper of appreciation from escaping.

They stare, lusty eyes taking in each other like prey. She feels her desire ricochet from her to him before coming back, hitting her tenfold. She’s out of breath before she’s even in his arms, kissing him desperately as he drags her clothes from her body and stumbles toward the bed. Why she’s been avoiding this these last few months, she doesn’t know. Finally, the heat, the desire between them hits its boiling point and she can already tell it’ll be earth shattering between them, in and out of the bedroom. There would be no more over thinking for her, she knew. As he grinned down at her, a feral twist to his handsome lips, she was caught, captured, and she happily surrendered now.

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